Living in Networks est paru

L'ouvrage de Claire Bidart, sociologue CNRS au LEST, Alain Degenne, sociologue CNRS, Michel Grossetti CNRS - LISST - EHESS " Living in Networks: The Dynamics of Social Relations " est paru aux éditions Cambridge University Press.

Ouvrage Vendredi 30 octobre 2020


Édition Cambridge University Press

How do personal networks emerge from social contexts? How do these evolve during the course of a lifetime? How are relationships established, maintained, connected, disrupted? How does the structure of a network evolve as people face transitions and events? Based on a classic text originally published in France and that has become the standard on the empirical study of social networks there, for the first time, a network analysis perspective is extended from contexts and social circles to relationships and life events through empirical studies. Following in the tradition of personal network studies, this contribution to the field of structural analysis in Sociology offers both a synthesis of knowledge and original results from two immense surveys carried out in France. This volume proposes an original theory grounded in relational dynamics, offering novel perspectives on individual social relations over the course of a lifetime through the context of personal networks, access to social resources, and inequalities.

DOI : 10.1017/9781108882392

  • Ouvrage
    Claire Bidart, Alain Degenne, Michel Grossetti. Living in Networks. Cambridge University Press, 49, 2020, Structural Analysis in the Social Science, Mark S. Granovetter, 978-1-108-79483-1. ⟨10.1017/9781108882392⟩
    1 janvier 2020 - [hal-03096288]