Thèse de Marie Di Nardo

ED372 Sciences économiques et de gestion

Exploring the mechanisms at work in the relationships between stakeholder orientation and firm’s economic performance: an analysis of the international luxury industry

par Marie Di Nardo

Sous la direction de Franck Brulhart LEST - AMU

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Financement : Ecole doctorale


The concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has received an increasing attention in both the academic and business contexts in the last decades. Even if the notion of CSR has always been a challenge for academics to understand and describe, there is still no real consensus in literature regarding the positive correlation that CSR has with firm performance. Moreover, because of the decline of the state power due to internationalisation the legal context became weaker letting firms decide of their CSR orientation and initiatives themselves. As a matter of fact, firms establishing CSR strategies were sometimes accused of using state weaknesses to instrumentalise CSR and gain political power. To solve these issues, academics offered new ways to manage CSR within the firm: instead of basing CSR on voluntariness, firms could include their stakeholders in the establishment of their strategy. At the moment, few papers offer an international analysis of stakeholder orientation in the CSR context. Therefore, this thesis aims to open the black box of CSR by proposing an international analysis of the link between stakeholder orientation and firm’s economic performance. At a theoretical level, this thesis will participate to deepen the research made about stakeholder theory and neo institutional theory. To carry out this research a mixed method is used.

Mots-clefs : sustainability ; stakeholder orientation : stakeholder theory ; neo institutional theory ; economic performance ; international ; luxury