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ED372 Sciences économiques et de gestion

Digitization & Internationalization: Who, How and Why? A bibliometric and content analysis for a new research agenda


Sous la direction de Franck Brulhart LEST - AMU & Marion Vieu LEST - AMU

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The International Business (IB) literature pays increasing attention to the digital aspects of internationalization. However, only a fragmented understanding is known about who is studying these aspects, how are studying these aspects and why. This article contributes to contemporary literature by carving out the intersections between digitization and internationalization. We do this by employing a two-step research approach: (1) we use bibliometric techniques to analyze contributions in IB research and present a comprehensive contextual picture of digitization in IB research by analyzing the most relevant foundation articles ; (2) a subsequent analysis of the research front (content analysis and bibliographic coupling) was carried out to augment these findings. By comparing the two analyses, this paper concludes by outlining possible avenues for future research.

Key words: Digitization; Internationalization; Science Mapping; Bibliometric Analysis; Content Analysis; International Business