MATIN TransitionS Seminar - Michel Lussault

Séminaire Permanent Managing and Assessing Transition Innovation Network

Jeudi 13 juin 2024

LEST, Salle Côté Jardin

Animation Héloïse Berkowitz, Mathias Guérineau, Bastien Marchand

On the 13th of June, from 13h30 to 15h00 CET we will have the pleasure to listen to Michel Lussault (Université de Lyon), on Biodiversity: the hidden dimension of urban planning, registration here


Michel Lussault is a geographer and professor at the University of Lyon (Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon), a member of the Environment, Cities, Societies research laboratory (UMR 5600 CNRS/University of Lyon) and the University of Lyon's Labex IMU (Intelligence of Urban Worlds Laboratory of Excellence). In his work, he analyses the ways in which humans inhabit land spaces, at all scales and based on the idea that the anthropocene globalised urban is the new habitat of reference for each and every one of us.

In order to be able to expand such research, which requires a truly interdisciplinary approach, in 2017 he set up the Urban School at the University of Lyon, which he now directs. The aim of the Urban School (which is an institute of convergences recognised and funded by the general secretariat for future investments) is not limited to the scientific and educational field alone, since it also aims to support the social, ecological and economic changes that societies and territories are already undergoing and will increasingly undergo on a global scale.

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